How soon after I place my order will I get my report?

Inspections are typically completed within 24 hours, depending on the inspector's schedule, the seller's schedule, and the weather. Reports are uploaded the same day the inspection is done within a few hours. We do our best to complete inspections by the next business day as long as the seller makes the car available for review, and the inspection is ordered early enough the day before.

Occasionally, the seller's schedule, the inspector's schedule, or the weather may cause a delay. Please note we cannot guarantee a specific inspection date due to factors outside our control. Customers are encouraged to plan accordingly and make arrangements to hold a vehicle if necessary. Placing your order sooner increases the likelihood of a faster inspection.

What happens if they sell the vehicle I ordered an inspection on?

If the vehicle sells before we get there, we will put your order on hold while you look for another vehicle. If you do not find another one in our service area we will happily refund your money. We recommend putting a deposit on the vehicle before booking our service.

I bought a plane ticket/arranged for transportation. How quickly can you do the inspection?

Please don't purchase a plane ticket or arrange for transportation until you have your report in your hand. Things can change unexpectedly due to circumstances outside of our control. Be prepared to deal with delays should they arise.

Do you take the vehicle to your shop location to perform the inspection?

No, We perform all vehicle inspections on site at the dealer or the private sellers location. 

What areas do you perform inspections?

Currently we are only serving a few South Florida counties; Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. We are planning to cover all of Florida by the end of the year.

How can I track the completion of my inspection?

After submitting a request, an assigned technician will contact the seller, confirm the availability of the vehicle, and schedule the inspection. Once scheduled, you will receive an email notice communicating when the inspection will take place. Further email updates and status changes will communicate to you when the inspection is complete and when the AUTOSPEKT report is ready to view.

Will you test drive the vehicle?

We will test drive the vehicle as long as it is street legal, safe to drive, and the seller allows us to drive it. In some instances the vehicle may be test driven by the seller or seller's representative.

Do you put the vehicle on a lift?

We are a mobile service so our inspectors do not have a way to bring a lift with them to do their inspections. Due to this, the inspector will look under the vehicle using their camera. The inspectors are able to see everything under the vehicle that they need to see without a lift. If your vehicle is located at a dealership, check with your salesperson to see if a lift may be available. Be aware, even though they tell you that the inspector can use a lift, they still may not allow it.

Is the inspection guaranteed?

The used car inspection is not guaranteed because the vehicle is fully assembled for the inspection and the inspector cannot see the internal components of the vehicle, including the transmission or the engine. There is the possibility of impending failures that are not evident at the time of the inspection. In other words, if it is not failing at the time of the inspection, we will not know that it is failing. Therefore any used car inspection cannot be guaranteed. AUTOSPEKT always recommends to see the vehicle to verify it meets your expectations before purchase.

What if I ask for a specific vehicle check in the notes?

We are always happy to accommodate special requests however in some cases we may not be able to. Please contact us beforehand if you have a special request.

Do you charge a mileage fee?

For some locations we may charge a mileage fee. If you are outside of our current service areas then please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate you.